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This article was written on 02 Feb 2009, and is filled under Advice and Thoughts, Tips and Tricks.

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Sensible Diet Tips

When starting on a diet, it would be helpful to write down everything in a food journal. Record daily what you ate, what were you doing, and how you were feeling. This would help in analyzing your eating habits, how much you eat, how often and how your emotions affect your eating pattern. With this information in hand there’s a big chance of succeeding in your diet and losing weight.


Fruit diet

Avoid sweets. Overly sweet foods have the tendency to make you want for more. When you are thinking about popping that piece of candy into your mouth, get your toothbrush and brush your teeth instead. It’s ok to give yourself a treat once in a while but don’t eat the whole thing. Cut it in half and throw away the other half. When you feel like eating, wait for 10 minutes to see if the craving will go away. Do not set goals that are impossible to achieve. Aim for something that is within your reach. It would put less pressure on you and you are most likely to succeed. Getting enough sleep is advised.

Drinking the right amount of water is also essential. Six to eight glasses a day is adequate enough to make water act as a diuretic thereby cutting down water retention. Water also slows down your appetite and makes you feel full if taken before a meal. It is also suggested to go on a diet with one or more peers. Supporting each other, sharing and caring for each other would yield a higher success rate.

Instead of eating, find something else to do. Whenever you get that craving to eat; when you’re angry, happy or sad, go shopping, clean the house or read a book. Do something that will take your mind away from eating.

If you like eating late at night, have a slice of bread or a piece of cracker before going to bed. It would also help to have a glass of water or a fruit ready at your bedside in case you wake up at night and feel hungry.

Do not use food as a prize when you want to reward yourself. Buy a dress, shoes or a book these things will not make you go off on your diet.

Weight is constantly fluctuating. Your weight in the morning could be lighter than if you weigh yourself at night. Imagine sticking to your diet only to find out that you weigh heavier. Weigh yourself at the same time to avoid feeling down. You can also do a special food arrangement with every meal you prepare. Making it festive and cheerful to make you get interested in the food and stop yourself from eating too much.

Avoid fattening foods or drinks that are easy to consume in large amounts. Always keep foods that contain high fiber like raw vegetables or fat-free popcorn; these can easily satisfy and fill you.

Don’t skip meals. Do not eat anywhere else except at the dining table. This will help you keep your mind on the food as you eat slowly and savor each bite, don’t forget to count as you chew everything ten to twenty times. Don’t go to the kitchen unless it is time to eat. Most of all don’t go on a diet for other people do it for you.

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