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This article was written on 22 Aug 2008, and is filled under Advice and Thoughts, Pierre Dukan, M.D..

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Pierre Dukan – Advices and Thoughts


  • Avoid as much as possible fatty food, including fat from vegetables.
  • Reduce salt quantities.
  • Drink a lot, like 2 liters/day (slightly more than 1/2 gallon). Water is your best partner here, if possible drink diuretic waters like Evian or Vittel (sold at Wholefoods). Avoid sparkling water due to the sodium (salt).


As soon as he started practicing, Dr. Dukan realized that all the Cartesian theories and principles around nutrition and diets, were based on the fooled assumption that one could remove the temptation within overweight people for eating and convert them into calory-counting bureaucrats!!!

According to Dr. Dukan, most obese people are not obese by chance; there’s a psychological side that has to be considered and understood and which goes down to the profound explanation of eating habits and self-commitment.

His conclusions were that overweight persons who are trying to loose weight need a fast return with, quickly, tangible results to build up their self-confidence and motivation. They also need precise objectives to be set with pre-defined and predictable phases in order to enable them to appreciate their efforts, comparing the results against the initial objectives.

“This method is dedicated to those who tried everything, who lost weight, often – too often – and who are looking, beyond everything else, for the certainty that in return of a committed and flawless effort, but limited in time, they will, first of all, lose weight and, even more, will enjoy the result of their effort and will live with the comfort and the body that they are reclaiming.” Dr. Pierre Dukan.

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  1. Tim
    June 6, 2010

    Hi there I am just about to start the Pierre Dukan Diet. I am trying to organise myself first but having trouble as to what oat bran I should buy

  2. Kathryn
    June 7, 2010

    Hey Tim. Good for you! I’ve been on it a week now and have lost almost 2kgs which I’m vvvvv pleased about. Don’t worry too much about which oat bran to buy (I have the Black & Gold home brand one) but you can get one by Lowan which is dearer (but probably comes from the same place as the B&G jobbie). As long as it’s oat bran. That’s what counts. I’ve put my ‘recipe’ (actually it’s more of a method …) for making the ‘galettes’ which seem to me to be more like hotcakes. The method is really easy and it works! No flipping anything in a pan. Hope you do well. KB

  3. Sinead
    June 15, 2010

    I am just on day two of the diet and have ordered the book but i do not know to take the Oat Bran?

  4. Kathryn
    June 17, 2010

    Hello Sinead
    You put 1.5 tablespoons of quark with 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran with one egg and mix. Then you might like to cook them like I do! See here:

    Best of luck with it! I’m on my 19th day and loving it! I have lost 3kgs and have 3 to go. Best wishes. Kathryn

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