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The First Customized Diet Book by P. Dukan MD

This book is the result of the exploration and analysis of the different types of relationships that a person has with his or her weight. It was conceived, written, laid out and printed for your sole, individual use.” –Dr. Pierre Dukan MD,


“You have gained weight in a personal way. You will lose weight well, quickly and long-lastingly in a manner just as personal,” says Dr. Pierre Dukan, MD, in MY WEIGHT BOOK, the first “personal” book in existence. Dr. Dukan was joined by 32 specialists in areas of study such as weight and–Stress, Nutritional Therapy, Physical Activity, Tobacco Weaning, Menopause, Early Childhood, Pregnancy, Anti-ageing, and other aspects of personal experience. These experts joined Dr. Dukan in an effort to fight obesity on a world wide scale.

Pierre Dukan evolved his method and total plan over thirty years of practice in France. Many patients came to him with weight control problems that affected their health. But no matter what diet methods they employed, after the initial loss, they regained their weight and more. Working with each patient individually, he came to understand weight gain is as individual as a person’s life experience, heredity, food preferences, and emotional circumstances. Ongoing stresses—from family, a job, or the general angst of a modern life with few natural releases—often led to the immediate satisfaction of eating.

As his patients came to understand their own motivations and behavior, he was able to work with them so they could lose their weight without deprivation and, most importantly, keep it off. As requests for his work grew, he decided to come up with a book and a format that would offer an individual approach to as many people who wanted it. The figure is 1 million readers in France and, millions more in Italy, Korea, Russia, and Portugal. It was noted in France, that Dr. Dukan’s book was good in relation to other plans in loss of weight, but significantly more effective in keeping it off.

The breakthrough in his personal approach is mirrored in the “Personal” book, a format now available for women in the U.S. A reader goes on-line at and decides they want MY WEIGHT BOOK, pays and receives a password and the essential questionnaire. She answers 154 questions, which detail the personal factors that led to her weight gain and the strengths that will help her regain control. These questions are the basis for the book that is put together for her specific weight control plan. Her copy is printed individually and reaches her in ten days. And because Dr. Dukan feels support is essential, he includes personal instructions to encourage dieters. They soon find there is no deprivation and fight against a starving body with this diet, less of a struggle. Weight control is an obtainable goal.

Dr. Dukan’s MY WEIGHT BOOK has four basic phases; attack, cruising, stabilization, counterattack. The attack phase is extremely short, it can go from two to seven days for the obese. It also can vary according to age, sex, weight to be lost, history of overweight, facility to lose, heredity etc. The reader chooses from 72 foods rich in proteins, seven meats, twenty-four fish. These foods are like a full refrigerator from which the user eats as much as she wants, at any hour and in any combination. In this period confidence sets in as weight is lost. It’s also important because the loss combines elimination of grease and water. This phase encourages and strongly reinforces motivation.

The cruising phase, improves the attack mode with 28 green vegetables. These are added in alternation to the food proteins and according to a rate which varies with the parameters of the individual’s needs. It lasts until the Right Weight is obtained, the weight ideal for the person calculated according to many parameters.

Consolidation of the weight lasts ten days for each two pounds lost. That’s 50 days for ten pounds. In this phase, fruits are added, as well as cheese, and starches. If all consolidates well, weight is maintained in the period of definitive stabilization. This establishes practices to be included for life, such as a protein only Thursday, to act as a safeguard for the other six days.

Dr. Dukan’s unique format, the personal book, means for the first time his readers are holding a book intended only for them. No two copies of MY WEIGHT BOOK are the same, just as no two readers are the same. Yet all readers can use it to obtain not just weight loss, but weight control for life.

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  5. Unknown surfer
    August 12, 2008

    I learn something new every time I visit. Thanks for the great post.

  6. Antoinette
    November 3, 2008

    Hello I would like this book, but do you have it in english??
    and if you do were can I get it?

    thanks Antoinette

  7. allanon
    November 4, 2008

    Hi, I have download 4 so far. One of them was with terrible english. The rest were in French. Nonetheless I am still trying to find Dukan’s book on the net. I’ll keep you posted.

  8. Tsvetana
    December 1, 2008

    Yes,I can’t find the books in english?
    I am Bulgarian,and we have it in bulgarian bookshops,very popular there????But I want it in english,because of the names of the food from the recipes.(because I live in England)I went to Waterstone,but nobody heared about Pierre Dukan??
    I was wondaring,how about soya product,because,I used to eat soya yoghurt, and soy bread?
    Where did you download it from,you mean you downloaded some of the books?

  9. Deb
    April 29, 2010

    How often can you eat the pancakes?

  10. haney
    May 4, 2010

    Are we allowed to eat ovacado during the weight loss phase i know its a vegetable and it has good oils which can be compare to oil form fish OMEGA 3, i just love them and adding ovacado to my veg protein mix makes it wow!!!!

  11. janice
    June 4, 2010

    a good first step would be for some of the people on this forum to learn to SPELL !!

  12. fatto
    June 15, 2010

    I am in Australia and have just purchaed the Dukan Diet book. I have tried to find The Book of My Weight website without success. Can you help please.
    Also, I would like to know what type of oat bran available in Australia is suitable to use on the diet please.

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