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Pierre DUKAN, M.D. – new weight loss book Q & A

Weight Loss and Diet Q& A:
Pierre Dukan on the “Book of My Weight”

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Dr. Dukan, could you tell us about your new weight loss program and diet book that you are calling the “Book of My Weight”?
I’d be delighted to. The objective of this book is to give every person who is overweight – a weight loss solution with a scientific analysis outlining the reasons for their excess weight and provide them with a solution and plan to correct it. I want to allow everyone who is overweight a chance of hope. I want to offer everyone who is overweight – something not proposed before. It is a plan to lose weight which includes “The Book of My Weight”, a unique program and analysis that offers each and every unique individual – their best chance for NOT regaining their excess weight back again in the future.I created this system with a team of specialists I assembled just for this purpose. The program and the team focus on each book and each reader. The weight book is central and the reader must fully understand that no one can lose any excess pounds for them. While t is possible to make an individual lose weight artificially by temporarily muzzling them, to really lose weight and to get out of the “fat person” category, a person must “play their own leading role” in the battle of excess weight.

The “Book of My Weight” structure and strategy was conceived, created and produced by a team of experts, “to research, to explain and to give each reader their very own, personal formula and ideal method of losing and maintaining their “Just Weight” permanently”.

    • The Book of My Weight sounds like a revolutionary book?

The advent of printing was an incredible revolution. But this novel type of book is the exact reverse. In this regard, it is no longer a case of an author writing for the largest possible audience but that of a team of professionals – writing on a given subject for one sole reader. And today, the subject is overweight.The book consists of 154 questions designed by 32 specialists from weight-related disciplines creating a unique investigative tool. The 154 answers (and their billions of possible combinations) are treated in record time by a powerful computer system that deciphers and analyzes each unique individual’s relationship to their weight.The result is a synthesis that allows for the completion of a graph designed to classify all the interconnected reasons leading to the particular weight of a particular individual. In reference to the genetic code as well as digital-prints, I named this the “WEIGHT CODE”.We use this information as the material to first elaborate an all-out analysis. Then, to compile a guide-book containing everything a person needs to know – to lose weight as quickly as possible with the least amount of frustration and to stabilize to the desired weight as slowly and durably as possible.

Advanced technology, computer science and artificial intelligence are some of the means to reach our goal. We favor affective, emotional, social and psychological relations like the dimension of pleasure and instinct. For example, how does a person deal with or compensate for stress? How do they build self-esteem or self-image and with that, their view of beauty or seduction? It’s important to understand how a person deals with their own history and the way they live the story of their own weight.

    • Doctor Dukan, could you explain the “Weight Book Diet Strategy”?

It’s not a diet but rather a global methodology which uses several successive diets. The methodology is composed of the following four phases:1. An attack phase, short and powerful. This can be compared to launching a rocket that in turn, in a few days, obtains the necessary results to deeply reinforce a person’s motivation, or “thrust” so to speak.
2. A cruising phase or orbiting phase, which lasts until the attainment of what I call the Just Weight.
3. Just Weight is different for every person. This weight is the easiest weight to attain and also to maintain. However, if you don’t choose your Just Weight properly, you can spend a lifetime trying to reach it.
4. Then there’s the stabilization phase, the After Weight Loss, which stands firmly at the heart of the battle against weight gain, overweight and obesity.

Until recently, doctors and patients agreed on weight loss objectives. As soon as weight loss was attained, everybody acted like the problem was solved, and now one could just pick up one’s life where it was left off.

That’s all very nice, but after a dieting things are never as they used to be. A body that has lost weight doesn’t forget it and it learns to resist. This means stabilization often requires even more effort when you take up the weight battle again.

    • Are you questioning our way of living!

Absolutely! Gaining weight is not a disease.
Gaining weight is a natural way of reacting to an artificial way of living.
Dieting, however, is anti-natural. No animal in the world has ever gone on a diet. Whales sometimes commit suicide collectively by beaching, but no form of life at any given period of time, ever arbitrarily considered reducing its food intake.

The major reasons for excess weight lie in our modern-day lifestyle. Contrary to what one might believe – the price one pays for easy access to comfort, abundance and hyper-consumerism – is a rough, tough and stressful lifestyle, rich in superficial pleasure but poor in natural, vital sources of satisfaction.

In our rich and modern societies we often eat to obtain gratification, to feel pleasure, or to be appeased. We seldom eat to simply nourish ourselves.

    • Can you develop this idea more?

Putting food in your mouth, while watching television, are the two best ways to gain weight. One adds fuel to the weight mechanism while the other reduces your energy expenditure.  Many paths that one could choose leading to simple and natural happiness are seemingly obstructed or blocked. We can observe how food, television and games are now being consumed as happiness substitutes.

    • Are contemporary foods too rich or fatty? If so, how?

Yes, our bodies are not equipped to support such rich food. 70% of what we eat is industrially produced. Food manufacturers are in a perpetual race to market attractive products that appeal to our palate, which means that they are often too sweet, too greasy and too salty. Our organism, the human body, was originally conceived to survive in a world with a higher degree of scarcity. We are structurally unable to assimilate our current levels of food abundance – which is further combined with the eradication of almost all of our physical effort.

    • What diet solution or system you suggest?

First of all, TEMPORARILY LOSING WEIGHT and PERMANENTLY LOSING WEIGHT are two totally different things. Most people, including many health professionals confuse these two topics.You can lose weight by following a diet. Any diet… Even the most extravagant or absurd diet you can find.
But losing weight permanently is an entirely different approach. It also starts off by losing some pounds. But to can talk about weight loss with the condition that the loss was acquired through a durable and healthy solution. This necessitates a phase of rehabilitation and a modification of the causes leading to the weight gain.

It is necessary for the person who has attained their Just Weight to understand this and to act intelligently and accordingly to decrease their chances of gaining weight.

Understanding the difference between these two processes makes it possible for everyone to develop a new strategy. I believe that someone with 40 pounds to lose is like someone who is drowning. You wouldn’t offer swimming lessons to a drowning man. You would pull him out of the water as fast as possible. Then you could take the necessary time to teach him to swim.

So, I repeat:
First, lose weight quickly. Then, find and attain Just Weight and Stabilize slowly – over a long period of time.

To lose weight you need a Backbone, Landmarks, and Reference Points. The only landmarks that make sense are the ones that are in harmony with our species and which emanate from our very origins and our specific manner of feeding ourselves.

In order to do that, we go back to the Genesis. The human lineage follows the great apes’ lineage. But there was an important mutation in our genetic code between, shall we say, the most modern of the great apes and the first humans.

Some of these mutations are connected to eating and feeding. Apes are vegetarians, whereas man is a hunter-gatherer. Or to be more precise, men hunt protein – game, fowl, and fish – while women traditionally gather varieties of vegetables.

To confront obesity, I’m proposing that we get back to a more natural way of eating and feeding ourselves – losing weight by eating protein-rich foods and vegetables.

To succeed with this difficult undertaking, I adapt a nutritional code of conduct to the specific profile of each user, to one’s weight history, heredity, tastes, and physical activity…

Then I add the “six magic words”: EAT AS MUCH AS YOU WANT!

Armed with an array of nutritious, tasty, appealing and satisfying foods – I request and even insist that my patients eat without limitation in regards to quantities, mixes, and schedules.

This is not a promotion gimmick. I honestly think that since everybody only has one stomach – the more it is filled with human food, the less room there is for greasy, salty, fattening artificial foods. So, the more you are able to eat in this manner – the more weight you will be likely to lose.

    • Is primitive man the marker you use to locate a human being’s real needs?

Yes, exactly. Original or primitive man is the one that I find the most naturally human. He is the fruit of genetics and of the environment at a precise moment in the evolution of our species, totally pure of any cultural necessity or influence at that period in time,  Nutrition is one of the great issues of our natural life, but only one. The other issues concerning our evolution have had to adapt to successive cultural changes and civilizations too.We live at a time when culture and technology are at the service of mankind. Every woman and every man alive today, has seen the quality of their existence improved, by those who have preceded us. Our needs and aspirations are better satisfied, our illnesses better cured and our lives are more prolonged.But in order to benefit from these gifts, this Manna, the individual has to step back and bow to the society that has made it available. As a result, he must also accept the economic rules of growth. And the artificial necessity to be a better consumer this season than in the season preceding it…But all human being are governed by instinctive and biological needs. And these needs (on condition that they are met and satisfied) are the only ones which truly have power to maintain our biological and psychological balance, the stability of our emotions or put another way, our “happiness and fulfillment”.Consumerism amuses and entertains us and can even give us a kind of a high. But consumption doesn’t have the physiological or cerebral ability to make a person happy. And when a person doesn’t feel happy, “they desperately try to grab a bit of pleasure out of life and get intensely attached to any event that puts some life back inside of them at whatever cost”.Most often the simplest and easiest first gesture consists of putting food in one’s mouth disregarding any future consequences for weight, health or personal well being.

    • What about obesity and the future?

I am optimistic. More and more, leaders from many countries are alarmed with the situation. Excess weight is a reliable marker for measuring general wellness and weight increase is a sure sign of difficulties in other areas of life. I believe that more and more voices will speak up, to refuse to accept or allow that the essentials, the “basics of human life” continue to be threatened by the superfluous.Doctors will likely play an increasingly important role in this collective awareness. They are the clinical witnesses to the absurdity and the toxicity of certain modern-day lifestyles. Depression, spasmophilia, anxiety, asthenia, obesity, the use of psychotropic drugs and societal violence – all are loud, clear signals that point to an individual lack of the human essentials. And anti-depressants and tranquilizers won’t treat the core of these problems. They may reduce the collective pain and suffering temporarily but they won’t increase the pleasure or sustainability of living.

    • What “Future” do you see for the “Book of My Weight”?

This new approach is radically innovative. The price is quite reasonable for the majority of people who are gaining weight today so the “Book of My Weight” is capable of effectively addressing societal and individual dietary needs. The “Book of My Weight” provides individuals a durable, sustainable weight loss solution and system as well as a proven weight control program and weight loss plan.

    • The Book of My Weight – In Closing

I personally feel that the information contained in each and every individuals unique “Weight Book” will provide, (perhaps for the first time since the global appearance of mass obesity), a halt to the systematically unchecked march toward obesity, now occurring in numerous countries throughout the world. Thank you.

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  3. Veneta
    January 27, 2010

    I live in the states and i tried to find the book here in NY and i could not.How i can have the book in ENGLISH?I ve been on Dukan diet for a year and i have an amaizing rezults,that is the only working diet.

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