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This article was written on 06 Jun 2008, and is filled under Robert Atkins, M.D., Tips and Tricks.

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How does Atkins work?

Here it is, as simple as we can make it: When you eat too many carbohydrates (carbs), your body burns some of those carbs for energy and stores the excess carbs as fat. When you eat fewer carbs – especially white flour and sugar, your body begins burning fat as it’s primary fuel source.

That’s how Atkins works – you learn to eat the right foods and change your body from a carb-burning to a fat-burning machine.

Lots of great things happen when your body starts burning fat instead of carbs:

You lose weight – We say you can lose up to 15 pounds in the first two weeks of the program*– and that’s just the beginning. Of course it always helps if you’re active. That means take a walk, mow the yard, play tennis with your kids. By eating the right foods and being active, you’ll be well on your way to reaching your goals.

You keep the weight off – Once you turn your body into a fat burning machine, you’ll learn how to keep it that way and keep the weight off. We make it easy for you. We teach you how to enjoy your favorite foods wherever you are – quick meal ideas at home, delicious recipes for your family, in-between snacks and the best foods at your favorite restaurants.

You enjoy a healthy life – Isn’t that what it’s all about? Of course, looking better is a great benefit too. But because Atkins works with your body, you can reduce a variety of health risk factors, including those associated with cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes. Adding moderate activity will be a natural, which will tone your muscles and help you look even better.
So to summarize, this is how Atkins works:

* You eat the way your body was designed to eat.
* That means lean protein and vegetables, plus other good carbs – high-fiber fruits, nuts and whole grains.
* Your body turns from a carb-burning to a fat-burning machine.
* You get to your optimal weight.
* You keep the weight off.
* You feel healthy, energized and fantastic.

*Results not typical. Individual results will vary.

Read the full Atkins Nutrition Program.

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