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This article was written on 04 Apr 2008, and is filled under Popular diets.

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21 Pounds in 21 Days

The popular Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox.


“21 pounds in 21 days: The Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox” is a book which outlines a fasting program as directed by author Dr. Roni DeLuz. As a naturopath, registered nurse and certified hypnotherapist, she runs a pricey holistic retreat in the posh Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.


Her detox program fell into prominence in June of 2007, when Robin Quivers of the “Howard Stern Show” used her media clout to promote the detox, and share with the Sirius satellite listeners, as well as with Larry King Live, how she lost 20 pounds in just 10 days.
At its core, the detox is a fruit and vegetable fast, with the addition of enzymes and colonics. Dr. DeLuz maintains that our world is “full of toxins” and only by ridding ourselves once a year of these toxins, can we put our metabolism back in order.
Following the June ’07 media blitz, including a very entertaining spot on “The View” in July, the book debuted at #3 on the New York Times Bestseller List.

– A 100% all-natural detox that also allows the user to lose weight

– The fast is more satisfying than other detox programs, such as the Maple Syrup Diet, in that with the Martha’s Vineyard Detox the participant is drinking a myriad of flavorful juices and tonics that provide maximum nutrition

– The combination of colonics/enemas allows the user to cleanse more quickly and feel lighter, which for many increases their motivation to stay with a program

– Author is a doctor

– New York Times Bestseller

– User must juice every two hours, and follow the detox recipes exactly as prescribed

– Extreme willpower would be required if the detoxer was attempting to do this detox while still sharing a home with non-detoxers

– Dining out is not an option

– Most users complain of severe flu-like symptoms in the first week as they detoxify their bodies

Detailed recipes for the various juice diet concoctions are explained in the companion book, 21 pounds in 21 days. In addition, the program features a website with forums and blog entries, complete with FAQ’s.
The website has a terrific video of Robin Quivers grocery shopping with Dr. DeLuz, and it’s evident that the core ingredients of organic, nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables would be delicious and good for the body.

It’s curious that the program recommends “jumping on trampolines” for “lymphatic drainage”, as there is little to no evidence to support that this is effective. But it is fun, and as long as you have one handy, go for it. Otherwise, consider jump rope, or yoga, or walking with a pedometer for concrete, tangible activity that works.

About $12.00 per day, with the full kit weighing in at $214, plus the cost of the $24.95 21 Pounds in 21 Days book, enzymes, juicer and mini-trampoline. Note that all sales are final, and the company will not accept refunds. The program is careful to point out that an extraction juicer is a necessary and additional expense to the program.

21 pounds in 21 days is a familiar concept to dieters and detoxers alike. Interestingly, most who detox regularly typically do not need to lose weight, as the strictness of their daily regimen allows for little fat or animal product. There is, however, argument that limiting protein and fat is unhealthy, and most doctors and nutritionists would agree. This being said, a fad is a fad, and as long as the media keeps saying we are being poisoned by our environment, people will keep looking externally for that quick fix to rid their bodies of toxins as a cure-all for everything from weight issues to acne and depression.

Martha’s Vineyard Diet, 21 lbs/21 days, 21 day


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